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New York Based Pet Businesses

Living in New York with pets may seem a little hard due to the lack of available homes with backyards, but thousands of people do it! As a matter of a fact, there are a number of incredible locally-owned New York-based pet businesses.

Salmon Stix

As you may know, James Naturals is a locally owned business. You can stop by and pick up a bag of Salmon Stix at our Seafood Store in Syosset, New York. Our family-owned company decided we wanted to make more from the high-quality Salmon that we were selling in our storefront. We took a shot at dehydrating the Salmon skins and discovered that pets loved the delicious flavor just like we do. Not only are they delicious, but Salmon Stix also provide vital vitamins and minerals like niacin, potassium, and selenium, as well as vitamins B6 and B12. Who wouldn't want to offer their pets the most high-quality, one-ingredient treats?

Partnering With Local Companies

Our journey as small business owners has been an adventure for sure. Partnering with other New York-based pet businesses has shown us how important it is to support locally owned-companies. What do you get when you shop with huge corporations? Pet food products that have ingredients you can't pronounce. Your business is simply a receipt number. What do you get when you shop small? You get business owners that are dedicated to their customers. Our love for offering top-notch pet products led us to support other locally-owned companies in New York. We are happy to say that we offer our treats inside Posh Paws Pet Spa & Boutique. Posh Paws goes above and beyond to take care of pet grooming needs, and we highly recommend their services.

Starting a Pet Business

Do you want to join the clique of locally owned-pet companies? We would love to have you. If you want to start your own pet business we have a few tips to help you get the ball rolling. Take your idea and draw up a few different possible business names. Cross-check that your names are available on social media and as a website domain. After you pick a name and decide you're ready to jump into your startup, it is time to have a few products on hand to take pictures of and get started on your social media. You can never advertise too early! You should also decide how you want to offer your products, do you plan on offering your products online as well as locally? For delivering locally, you should look into courier management software. More specifically, look into Key Software Systems LLC. They optimize delivery routes to save your company time and money. Saving money is important, but you also have to remember that your clients are the most important part. We're in this for the four-legged friends!

There are a number of incredible locally-owned New York-based pet businesses, and you can easily add to the list Starting a pet business is easy if you're willing to partner with others and offer an incredible pet product.


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